Rest Assured Turin Mattress

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Rest Assured Turin MattressThe Rest Assured Turin Mattress is a budget mattress that meets all the expectations of a regular mattress for an amazingly low price. However, the quality of Rest Assured mattresses is very good and even a simple mattress like this one will last you for several years. This mattress has a warranty of five years. This mattress is an open coil mattress, which is a technique that have been proved successful for a long time now. Most regular mattresses use these type of springs that are all interconnected. This mattress is quite firm and will therefor give you enough support in the night.

The springs are covered by a soft fibre filling which will make it impossible for you to feel the springs. This mattress will suit a divan as well as a bedspring. One of the advantages is that you do not need to turn this mattress since it as an anti-slip down side. You can simply rotate the mattress regularly to keep it in the best possible condition. The mattress has a depth of 23cm. The Rest Assured Turin Mattress comes in the following sizes: as a single, double, king size and superking.

Rest Assured Turin Mattress , 3.5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings