Relyon Easy Support Mattress

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Relyon Easy Support Mattress Mattress OnlineThe Relyon Easy Support Mattress is a cheap solution to your search for a orthopaedic and comfortable mattress. This is because Relyon uses a reflexfoam (called Superflex Comfort Foam) in this mattress that is somewhat firm, but not too extremely firm in order to keep it comfortable. This foam mattress has a height of 15cm and a damask fabric finish. While the reflex foam give orthopaedic support it is also naturally hypoallergenic. The Relyon Easy Support Mattress also gives a maximum of pressure relief because of the way it spreads the weight of the body over the whole surface, which will cause you to turn and toss much less.

The Relyon Easy Support Mattress has a medium feel and is not as firm as some other orthopaedic mattresses, an advantage of this is that it gives a more comfortable and cosy feel. However if you are looking for a firmer mattress I would recommend to compare different orthopaedic mattresses. This mattress comes with a 5 year guarantee and will prove to have a long durability.

The Relyon Easy Support Mattress is very reasonably priced for an orthopaedic mattress and can be delivered to you in just one day! This mattress comes in a lot of sizes: single, small double, double, king size and superking. This mattress is suitable for a bedstead with slats or a divan. This bed is ideal for people with asthma because of the natural hypoallergenic foam that prevents  you from getting dust mites.

Relyon Easy Support Mattress, 4.2 out of 5 based on 6 ratings